Rhonda Barrett​
Paper Collage Artist

About the Artist

Rhonda is a self-taught paper collage artist. Her first collection, "Birds Flyin' High", was shown in September 2015 in Halifax, NS. Prior to this, she completed numerous one of a kind pieces and commissions. As a trained dance artist and lover of multi-media installations, she aims to host art events that are provoking and exciting in Halifax and perhaps beyond. 

She is a member artist with Art Zone Gallery in Halifax, NS.



About the Work

The pieces are ceated from newspaper, glue and canvas. The chosen image is sketched unto the canvas, and paper in the colors needed is chosen and cut to create the images. The paper is not dyed, nor is the image painted unto the paper after gluing it unto the canvas. The image is created from paper as found, with no changes made to it except the cutting of the paper into little bits.
I have created pieces in three  styles: solid color collage, color-dynamic collage and a mixture of these two methods.  In solid color collage, only paper with the exact hue required is used creating a realistic image, such as Darth Vader. In a color-dynamic collage, the image is created with paper in the general color family and may include letters, numbers and images.  Examples of all three styles are below: